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Average refund $2,600

The average Australian tax refund is $2,600. Have you filed yours?

Direct Deposit

Payment direct to your bank account in Australia or to your bank in your country of choice.


No problem. We can help.


No upfront payment – No tax back, No fee


Have you been studying in Australia and paying tax. We can help get the maximum return for you.

Fast returns

Tax back in 2-4 weeks. This is the average time the tax office takes.

Early Cash Back Facility

Conditions apply.


9% of total refund. (minimum charge of $99)

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Income Tax Returns Pty Limited (aka, Backpacker Tax Refunds) is a Registered Tax Agent company who specialises in the preparation & lodgement of tax returns for travellers, backpackers and foreign students. Backpacker Tax Refunds has been around since 2005. Our Registered Tax Agent Number is 24629-963 – only Registered Tax Agents can lodge claim your tax back and charge a fee for helping you get that hard earned money

We help backpackers, travellers & foreign students all over the country (and the world) claim their Australian tax back. We ensure that every backpacker, traveller & foreign student gets the maximum allowable tax back legally!

We do this to help backpackers, travellers and foreign students claim their Australian tax back. At the same time we do it so we can pay our bills also.

We claim your tax back from our office in Mortdale NSW. You’re more than welcome to visit our quaint office and meet the team – be sure to phone for an appointment first so we can be sure to dedicate the right amount of time to you.