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Our fees - Tax Returns

Our honest, affordable and transparent pricing.

Our Fee is calculated based on the amount of tax back you receive. Our Fees Are As Follows:

9.9% of your TAX BACK to a maximum capped fee of $165.00 (Inc. GST)

9.9% of my TAX BACK

If your TAX BACK is less than AUD $1,666.67 (odd amount – we know), then our fee will be 9.9% of your TAX BACK. For example, if your TAX BACK is AUD $1,000, then our fee will be $99 (which is 9.9% of $1,000).

The amount credited to you is: $1000.00 – $99.00 = $901.00 deposited into your bank account.

Capped fee of AUD $165.00

If your TAX BACK is AUD $1,666.67.00 or more, then our fee is capped at AUD $165.00. For example, if your TAX BACK is AUD $3,000, then our fee will be $165.00.

The amount credited to you is: $3,000.00 – $165.00= $2,835.00 deposited into your bank account.

It doesn’t matter if your tax back is $2,000.00 or $10,000.00 – our fee to prepare and lodge your tax return is never more than $165.00!

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A little comparison….

John is a backpacker looking at claiming his tax back at the end of the year.

John has been calling different tax agent’s to see what his refund will be and how much he’s going to be charged.

John know’s that he’s due tax back of $2,500.00, let’s check out what John’s research turned up with.

Tax Back Amount 
Standard Fee 
Handling Fee 
Tax Refund in You Account 
Company A 
11% of John’s tax back
Company B
9% + handling fee
John was too scared to ask 
Handling fee = hidden fee
Company C
$220.00 flat fee
Backpacker Tax Refunds
Capped fee of $165.00
More in your bank account

No Tax Back, No Fee*

Self explanatory but if you’re not due any tax back because you’re a Non-Resident for Tax Purposes, then there is no fee to lodge your tax return.

* Please note, conditions apply if you have an ABN and have used it whilst working in Australia. The fee charged will vary depending on your individual circumstances. If this applies to you then please call us for a fee estimate.


Fee to retrieve any lost documents?

Yes, a nominal fee of $5.00 (including GST) is charged for the retrieval of missing documents. We do rely on you to help retrieve these documents quickly so be sure to keep a record of the phone numbers of your employers and we will retrieve your documents for you – the employer’s ABN is not always enough. Please remember that retrieving lost documents can delay your TAX BACK because it can take time for some employers to respond, so it’s always best if you make sure that you have everything before applying to avoid any delays.

Transfers to Australian Bank Accounts.

No, you do not pay a fee on TAX BACK deposited into your Australian bank account.

Transfers to Overseas Bank Accounts.

Yes, there will be a $35 fee (including GST) charged for any TAX BACK deposited into your overseas bank account. This fee will be deducted directly from your TAX BACK. Please confirm with your nominated overseas/foreign bank whether or not they charge a fee to accept a transfer from an Australian Bank Account, as this is beyond our control.

We will inform you via email when your TAX BACK is deposited into your bank account, so that you can look out for it. Generally, the time it takes for your funds to be available depends on your individual bank.