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Tax Information

Have You Been In Australia Or Plan To Stay In Australia For 6 Months?

Then you may qualify to be an Australian Resident for INCOME TAX PURPOSES
(please note that Residency for Immigration purposes differs to Residency for Income Tax purposes)

The TAX BACK Process

How It Works

In order to claim your tax back, you must firstly qualify to be an AUSTRALIAN RESIDENT FOR TAX PURPOSES.
Now that we have established that you are a resident for tax purposes, we can arrange a free TAX BACK quote and let you know…


What you need to do

  • We need copies of Group Certificates/PAYG Payment Summaries/Statement of earnings/Final Pay Slips from your current/previous employers
  • Details of work related expenses relating to your employment within Australia
  • Complete our application form and send it to us

How Long Does It Take?

  • If you are lodging your income tax return for the current year and we have all your documents, your TAX BACK will take 7-14 days
  • If you are lodging your final income tax return (because you are leaving Australia), and we have all your documents, the process can take up to 8 weeks (The reason for this time frame is due to the fact that early requests from tax TAX BACK are lodged by paper, and take longer to be processed by the tax office). If we have to chase any missing documents your TAX BACK may take longer.

What If I’m Missing Any Documents?

If you are missing any PAYG Payment Summaries, we can chase these documents for you at a cost of $11.00 per missing PAYG summary.

Examples Of Work Related Expenses

Keep all your receipts for any work related expenses incurred during employment. E.g., Union Fees; RSA/RCG; Green Card Courses; Safety Equipment (safety boots, high visibility vest, etc); Stationary; Tools; Travel records between jobs and work sites; Uniform and Laundry receipts

Not Sure About Something?

If you are not sure about something, whether it be a payslip or a receipt for an expense? Ask us and we will advise you and point you in the right direction.

Questions? please call Anthony on 02 8065 5668