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Will I get all of my tax back?

Let's clear a few things up

This is a tough one to explain because whether or not you get all of (or any) of your tax back will depend on the following:
– Are you a resident for tax purposes and if you are, how long were you in the country for?
– How much did you earn?
– How much tax did you pay?
– What expenses can you claim?

Usually, those who get a full tax refund are those who earn below the tax free threshold (this is currently $18,200 but depending on how long you have been in Australia will depend on how much of the tax free threshold your entitled to).

Getting all your tax back has nothing to do with being on your first year in Australia, that is one of the biggest myths.

To find out how much tax you can be due back, simply visit out Tax Back Quote page and request a free refund quite.